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Nic Fren

Founder & CEO 

Bespoke Media Group

A little bit about Nic which you likely didn’t know!


So, most of you would know Nic for his Award-winning social media skills and as an equally renowned real estate agent.


But Nic had a very different start to his professional career, with his earlier years commencing as a shy pastry chef in Newcastle before Nic embarked on a path which saw him recording original music to become an acclaimed singer & model.

This part of Nic’s journey had definitely given him the confidence to move to Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and pursue what was to become a successful real estate career expanding over a decade.


Nic explains that it was during this time that he learnt the value of marketing.  


After gaining experience in the exclusive Eastern Suburbs market, Nic then made the decision to change offices to be closer to his home in Elizabeth Bay. This is where he really hit his stride with well-known brand Laing & Simmons Woollahra in 2014.  He discovered the value of marketing real estate on Social Media and Nic created a niche within the competitive industry by becoming the first reported agent to list AND sell a property through Facebook alone, in 2015. He was proud to have then been invited to appear on the popular channel 10’s “The Project” and featured in the Daily Telegraph.  


This phenomena turned out to be more than a singular event when, just a few weeks later, he did it again with another property in the western suburbs of Sydney marketed and sold solely through Facebook.  


Around this time, with the rise of Airbnb, the entrepreneur in Nic (together with the support and guidance of his then Principal) launched the first social media based short term rental property management agency – Stay With Frenz - 


Nic was now taking social media marketing to the next level and he went on to study social & digital marketing whilst continuing his highly successful real estate career.


In 2017 the industry recognised Nic’s hard work by confirming him as a finalist at the 2017 REB (Real Estate Business Awards) for Digital Presence. This is one of the most prestigious accolades an agent can receive in Australia and this automatically placed Nic in the top 6 digital marketers in the country. LJ Hooker Corporate ultimately won the award, with sources on awards night quoting Nic as saying "A Newy kid lost to LJ Corporate! How amazing is that". 


However, this just cemented Nic’s resolve and he knew that he was on the right track. So at the beginning of 2018, Nic started his marketing agency Bespoke Media Management, which he proceeded to build alongside his continuance as a full time licensed real estate agent.  


By August 2019, the business had exploded with the resultant outcome being that Nic was recognised as a finalist for best emerging social media marketer of the year and the best use of Instagram for real estate.  


Regularly called upon by respected media outlets and publications, Nic has cemented his position as the leading marketing influencer agency for the real estate industry for the past 3 years by the Social Media Marketing Institute of Australia. It's one thing to post on social media, it's another to know how to get results from it. 

Regardless of having broken many real estate sales & marketing records, it was this recognition which gave Nic the opportunity to announce his innovative and game changing social media presence, enabling him to create his own path; regardless of the status quo. Nic now had confirmation that his hard work and determination had paid off and it gave him the acknowledgement within the industry he had sought.


Fast forward to 2021.  

With close to 350 clients under representation, Nic now enjoys his days working closely with CEO's, head offices, leading sales agents as well as the smaller agents and agencies. It does not matter whether you are the leader in the industry, or it's your first day on the job, you can expect the same level of care with Bespoke Media Management.  


Nic is still an active agent and is known for his boundless levels of energy. But it is his creative mind that knows no boundaries and this is evident in every post, campaign or concept Nic puts out - all are completely #bespoke.  

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